Sunday, December 15, 2013

Today, I went to the grocery store and picked up some beef fat scraps that they are going to throw out.  I use this to render down for tallow to use in my soap. The tallow makes soap very hard and white.  I also make a laundry bar that is half lard, half tallow
 that I grate down and make laundry detergent.
This is what the beef fat looks like in the package. I know, it does look pretty gross.
I chop it up and put it in my blender or you can also use a food processor or meat grinder. I want to get a meat grinder for this process as it will be less messy.

What doesn't chop up you can cut into very small pieces with a knife.
When I chop it up, I remove all the meat from the fat, and my dog gets a bit of a treat.

This is my minced beef fat.  It is in a gallon sized ziplock bag.

This is the meat scraps I took off the fat, which will be added to my dogs dinner for a few days. 

My minced fat is now in the refrigerator,   I will do the rendering tomorrow.

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