Sunday, March 16, 2014

Fragrance Testing

I have recently done a  test batch to test fragrance oils from WSP, using a my goat milk soap recipe.
Please note there was no ricing or acceleration in any of the samples tested.  Please
 keep in mind that oils that contain vanilla will discolor your soaps.
This is my unscented goat milk soap. The rest of the scents tested are compared to this.
1:  Orange Cream Vanilla:  My daughter and I agree that it smells like a Smarties Candy.  It discolors to a medium Tan.
2: Caribbean Chocolate:  I didn't think this smelled like chocolate but has a nutty scent. Discolors to a medium brown.
3: Cool Cucumber: Has a spicy floral scent.  I was actually expecting cucumber.   There is no discoloration
4:  Cranberry Fizz:  Smells like Cranberry Jell-O.  Discolors to a light caramel color.
5: Green Apple: Scent has a hint of apple. No discoloration
6: Lemongrass Green Tea:  scent has a hint of lemongrass and has some spicy undertones.  No discoloration.
7: Fresh Brewed Coffee: Does smell like coffee.  Discolors to a medium tan.
8: Purely Peppermint:  Smells like peppermint. Discolors to light tan

9: Citronella Essential Oil:  Smells just like Citronella.  No discoloration
10:  Chocolate Mousse: Smells like chocolate pudding.  Discolors to a medium brown.
11: CafĂ© Latte:  Reminds me of Mocha. Discolors to dark brown.
12: Vanilla Swirl: Has a sweet vanilla scent.  Discolors to medium brown.
13: Revitalizing Rosemary Mint: minty scent with a hint of rosemary. No discoloration
14: Raspberry Lemonade:  Sweet fruity lemonade scent. Discolors to a light tan color.
15: Sage and Citrus: Has a nice fruity sage scent.  Discolors to light brown.  However, when I use this fragrance with colorants, the colors came out perfect.
16: Pink Sugar: Has a nice sweet scent, however, there is another Pink Sugar that smells like cotton candy and that was the one I was looking for.   Discolors to dark brown.
17: Baby Powder:  I love the scent of baby powder. This is not it. It's not a bad smell, but not the one I was looking for. Discolors to a light tan.
18: Fresh Linen: I like this scent. It does have a fresh scent, but I almost smell a hint of pepper.  There is not discoloration.
19: Apple Pecan Sage:  Smells like fresh apple pie.  Discolors to a dark brown.
20: Oatmeal and Honey:  I can almost smell the brown sugar in the oatmeal.  Discolors to a dark brown.
21: Rain Forrest: I like this scent, but really can't describe what it smells like. Discolors to a light tan.
22: Fig Leaf:  Has a nice woodsy scent. Discolors to a dark brown.
23:  Fresh Cut Roses:  Smells of rose with earthy undertones. Discolors to yellow