Monday, December 16, 2013


Oatmeal Milk and Honey
This is one of my favorite soaps.
I love making goat milk soaps.  But, when you make milk soaps, you have to freeze your soaps before adding the lye or you will scorch your milk.  I also recommend an ice water bath to keep your milk/lye cold to avoid scorching your milk as well. first!!  ALWAYS WEAR GLOVES AND GOGGLES!!  And keep your skin covered.  Accidents can and do happen.
This is the lye I like to use. It is a food grade bead lye. It dissolves easily and is easy to use.

When I run out, I go to a local hardware store and buy this.
This is after my first addition of lye.  You can see the little round beads. You have to add the lye slowly with milk soap  in order to keep it white.  If you add the lye too quickly, your milk will get too hot and scorch, and will turn yellow - orange, and have a bad smell, like ammonia.

This is after all the lye has been added.

My milk/lye mixture is starting to thicken and is like a thin pudding

My oatmeal.  I don't measure it, I just kind of eyeball it.  I put it in the blender and turn this into a fine meal.
My oatmeal will be added later.

What's Oatmeal Milk and Honey soap without raw honey.
My oils are heated in a bowl over a sauce pan to melt my solid oils

Then poured into the pitcher.   You want the oils to cool and the milk/lye to warm up to room temperature.

This is my milk/lye mixture. See how thick it is?  Saponifation has started and is turning the fat in the milk into soap.
Milk added to oils.

Now to stick blend.

Once this reaches light trace, add the honey....
Then add the oatmeal and incorporate with the stick blender

Wen I make this soap, I like to line my mold with bubble wrap

After the soap is poured

I cover with more bubble wrap

This soap wants to gel...especially with the honey in it, and I don't want it to gel.  I usually stick it in the freezer. Instead if taking up the space, I decided to stick it in the snow instead,   When I picked this mold up, I was surprised at how hot it had gotten already.

I will keep this outside until I get out of work tomorrow afternoon, then cut it.

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